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Insertion of Pacemaker in Dogs with Complete Heart Block

Enrollment Ending Soon!! Click here for Clinical Trial Update Announcement!

The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine is currently recruiting dogs recently diagnosed with third degree or complete heart block for a clinical research trial.  This investigational trial is for the development of a better way to place a pacemaker.

  • Inclusion Criteria: Any dog recently diagnosed with third degree or complete heart block that weighs more than 22 pounds
  • Treatment: Participation includes a 2 day hospital stay to insert pacemaker and multiple follow up appointments.  Participants should be willing to participate for up to 3 years.
  • Cost: All costs associated with this treatment will be covered by the study.
  • Contact: Dr. Amara Estrada at  or call the Small Animal Hospital at 352-392-2235


Insertion of pacemakers for complete heart block has been performed since 1958.  Since that time, adverse effects have been noted in relation to the pacing site located on the right side of the heart. These adverse effects include decreased heart function and  increased heart failure.  We are conducting an investigational study that involves placing the pacing leads in a different location of the heart wall along the left side of the heart as well as both right and left sides at the same time.

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