Response Rate to a Single Dose of Vinblastine Administered to Naïve Dogs with B-cell or T-cell Multicentric Lymphoma

The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine is currently recruiting dogs recently diagnosed with multicentric lymphoma for a clinical research trial.  This trial is for the investigation of a single dose of Vinblastine.

  • Inclusion Criteria: Any dog recently diagnosed with multicentric lymphoma and does not have other life threatening diseases.  The doctors will explain this to you.
  • Treatment: Participation involves 2 study visits. Your dog will have a blood draw, lymph node measurements and receive a single dose of Vinblastine by IV catheter on Visit 1.  Your dog will be schedule to return to the clinic 7 days later for visit 2.  Your dog will have blood drawn and will have lymph nodes measured at this visit. You will then receive recommendations for the continued treatment of your dog.
  • Cost: The study will pay for some of the blood analysis to confirm lymphoma, recheck examination fee, and the cost of Vinblastine.  Owners are responsible to pay for the initial evaluation including standard of care blood work and urinalysis as well as the administration costs for Vinblastine.  These costs will be discussed with you prior to enrollment into the clinical trial.
  • Contact:  Contact the Oncology Staff at the Small Animal Hospital 352-392-2235 or


This study is designed to investigate the potential use of a chemotherapeutic drug, vinblastine, in the treatment of multicentric lymphoma in dogs. Current chemotherapy regimens for the treatment of multicentric lymphoma in dogs use a similar drug, Vincristine, as a cornerstone for treatment. Vincristine and Vinblastine have similar mechanisms of action and Vinblastine has been shown to have decreased gastrointestinal toxicity when compared to Vincristine, however there are no published studies evaluating the efficacy of Vinblastine for dogs with lymphoma. The goal of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of Vinblastine against multicentric lymphoma in dogs in order to determine if Vinblastine is a reasonable drug to incorporate into lymphoma chemotherapy protocols.


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