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Stem Cells for Treatment of Osteoarthritis in Dog Elbows

The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine is currently recruiting dogs recently diagnosed with chronic elbow osteoarthritis  for a research trial.  This investigational trial is studying the effect of stem cells on elbow disease.

  • Inclusion Criteria: Dogs from 2-10 years of age weighing between 30-120 pounds diagnosed with elbow osteoarthritis that are otherwise healthy and able to bear weight.
  • Treatment: Participation involves extra visits to the Small Animal Hospital before and after surgery. Procedures to measure weight-bearing capabilities and joint movement will be performed.  These procedures include: Force plate analysis, range of motion testing, complete physical and orthopedic exam, CT imaging, and elbow arthrocentesis (removing of fluid from the joint).  Your dog will receive an injection of stem cells into the joint.  Follow up visits will be at 1, 3, and 6 months after the initial treatment.
  • Cost: The study will pay the costs associated with the study including diagnostics, treatment, and follow up visits.  Following enrollment in the study and completion, clients will receive $100 compensation.
  • Contact:  Contact  Dr. Sarah Townsend at 352-392-2235 or 352-294-4479 or Mary Bohannon 352-294-4639


Elbow dysplasia is characterized by a group of musculoskeletal disorders including the ununited anconeal process, fragmented medial coronoid process, and elbow joint incongruity.  There continues to be debate regarding the underlying etiology of these diseases however each of them leads to changes in joint mechanics, alterations in gait patterns, and progressively worsening lameness and osteoarthritis. The objective of this prospective clinical trial is to evaluate the effect of allogeneic stem cells on clinical outcomes in chronic elbow osteoarthritis.