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Veterinary Graduate Student Association


  • To foster an environment which encourages excellence in graduate research, scientific ethics, and exchange of ideas.
  • To increase communication and promote fellowship among College of Veterinary Medicine graduate students and faculty.
  • To provide graduate students with an organized forum in which to present their concerns to the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies at the College of Veterinary Medicine.


Its that time again! Please join us this Thursday 16th October 2014 for our monthly General Meeting. We will have Ms. Hanna Norton coming to speak to us about the UF Library resources. We will also be taking orders for the VGSA T shirts.

The meeting will be held in Lecture Hall B at 5:00pm

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  • President

Andrew Nelson


Contact Us

If you have a question or concern involving Current Graduate Students, email us at

For more information regarding the UF DVM program please contact Brandi Phillips at


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