Phi Zeta


The UF CVM Research/Phi Zeta Celebration was held April 13, 14 & 15 at the college.  See our research and winners!

Congratulations to  our winners of the CVM Research/Phi Zeta celebration Awards presentation Friday afternoon. Many thanks to all the participants and judges!!!


POSTER COMPETITION (Judges:  Dr. Rowan Milner, Dr. Paul Cooke, Dr. Carlos Risco, Dr. John Dame, Dr. Michael Schaer, Dr. Dan Brown)

DVM Students – Award – Name – Research Title

1st place – Alexa Stephen –The effects of natural and synthetic retinoids on feline squamous cell carcinoma cell lines.

2nd Place S. Carly Dworkin – Impact of heat treatment on dirofilaria immitis antigen detection in shelter dogs.

3rd Place – Christopher Alling – Duration of systemic humoral immunity in beef bulls following therapettic vaccination against Tritichomonas foetus.


Graduate Students/Postdocs – Award – Name – Research Title

1st Place – David Dreier – Utilizing in vitro assays to predict vitellogenin induction in male fish.

2nd Place – Nick Musselwhite – Adaptive mechanisms governing tracheobronchial cough: in vivo experiments and model simulations.

3rd Place – Anderson Veronese – Estrous characteristics of heifers with differing genotype for daughter pregnancy rate and heifer conception rate.


Resident/Interns/Fellows – Award – Name – Research Title

1st Place – Alex Fox-Alvarez – Temporary percutaneous t-fastener gastropexy and continuous decompressive gastrostomy in dogs with experimentally induced gastric dilation.

2nd Place – Rachel Davy –The effect of catheter location and flush volume on the time for contrast to reach the heart in a porcine model of a cardiac arrest.

3rd Place – (A Tie for 3rd Place!)  Jennifer Martinez & Kayla Harding – Acute kidney injury in dogs with pit viper envenomation. And  Receptor tyrosine kinase expression in spontaneously occurring canine adrenal tumors.


GRADUATE STUDENT AWARDS (Graduate Studies Committee:  Dr. Iske Larkin, Dr. Rick Johnson, Dr. David Pascual, Dr. Dan Lewis))

Excellence in Masters Studies – Samantha Koda

Excellence in Doctoral Studies – Natalie Steckler

Excellence in Clinical Science Research – Alex Fox-Alvarez

Excellence in Basic Science Research –Hongbin (Vicky ) Wang

Charles F. Simpson Memorial Scholarship –  Selena Tinga


FACULTY AWARDS (Graduate Studies Committee – See above)

Zoetis Award for Research Excellence – Mansour Mohamadzadeh

C.E. Cornelius Young Investigator Award – Brad Case

FVMA Clinical Investigator Award – Jim Wellehan


GRADUATE STUDENT BEST IN SHOW COMPETITION (Judges:  Dr. Rick Johnson, Dr. Iske Larkin, Dr. David Whitley, Dr. David Pascual)

Award – Name – Research Title

1st Place – Ana Bascunan – In-vivo three-dimensional stifle kinematics in goats with anterior cruciate ligament deficiency.

2nd Place  – Ley Cody Smith – Investigating estrogen receptors as targets of pro-fibrogenic signaling in the lung.

Department Winner – Jessica Jacob – Phylogenomic characterization of novel sea otter poxvirus.

Department Winner – Anje Bauck – Effects of lidocaine on inflammation in equine intestine subjected to manipulation and ischemia.


DVM STUDENT TOP DOG COMPETITION (Judges:  Dr. Linda Hayward, Dr. Chris Sanchez, Dr. Roy  Curtiss,)

Award –Name – Research Title

1st Place – Rachel Corlett – Survey of angiostrongylus cantonensis in Northwestern Florida.”

2nd Place – Federico Cunha – Droplet digital PCR quantification of uterine bacteria associated with metritis in lactating dairy cows.

Class Winner – Geoffrey Zahn The effects of tibial plateau leveling osteotomy on patellofemoral kinematics in dogs: an in vivo study.

Class Winner – Rosalind Kopp – Evaluation of new sternal bone marrow aspiration techniques to increase initial stem cell yield and reduce time for culture expansion of a therapeutic dose.

To read more about these research projects, click here: Research Symposium 2017 booklet