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UF Merial Veterinary Scholars Program

The 2015 program application process is open! Details are available here!


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Merial Veterinary Scholars and Merial-NIH Veterinary Scholars Symposium Homepage

Through a supportive, mentored research experience in an established laboratory and through seminars and discussion groups on careers in science, it is hoped that veterinary students will gain an insight on career opportunities in biomedical research. Veterinary students in their first year of veterinary school are encouraged to apply. Programs are typically 10 to 12 weeks during the summer.

Application Information for UF’s Merial Veterinary Scholars Program is available here

Merial Veterinary Scholars Program featured in JAVMAnews!

Merial Veterinary Scholars Program featured in Cat Channel News and the Veterinary Page!

2014 Program Highlights

2014 UF Merial-NIH Veterinary Scholars Program: Final Project Presentations


2014 Merial Scholars

UF’s 2014 Merial Scholars, shown at the Merial-NIH Veterinary Scholars Symposium, held at Cornell University July 31-Aug. 3. Left to right front row: Alec Sherman (Dr. Lewis-mentor), Maria Brandifino (Dr. Levy), Claire Page (Dr. Abbott), Jordyn Sthay (Dr. Wellehan), Jere Stern (Dr. Walden), Kathleen Maxwell (Dr. Brooks), Susan Westerterp (U. Utrecht, Dr. Sanchez)
Second row: Geof Zann (Dr. Kim), Jared Baum (Dr. Boston), Chris Alling (Dr. Rae), Laura Adkins (U Georgia, Dr. Crawford), Hannah Ferrall (Dr. Milner), Ashton Story (Dr. Milner), Kelly Nutt (Dr. Levy), Megan Stobel (Dr. Walsh), Robert Pringle (Dr. Tevosian), Dale Kelley (Dr. Galvao). Missing are Lauren Brown (Dr.Waltzek) and Valentina Henao (Dr. Johnson).


Application Information is available here!

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