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Mentored research opportunities may be available in the following areas:


  • Dr. Adam Biedrzycki:
    • Orthopedics, Biomechanics, Customized surgical planning, 3D printing
  • Dr. Nancy Denslow:
    • Nanomaterials, Oil spill, Fish toxicity
  • Dr. Amara Estrada:
    • Induced pluripotent stem cells, Dilated cardiomyopathy, Gene therapy, Mitochondrial disease
  • Dr. Diego Gomez-Nieto
    • multidrug resistant infections in canine and equine patients
  • Dr. Rick Johnson:
    • Pancreas, Vasculature, Diabetes, Neural control
  • Dr. Stan Kim:
    • Orthopedics, Biomechanics, Customized surgical planning, 3D printing
  • Drs. Amandine Lejeune and Keijiro Shiomitsu:
    • In vitro, Cancer cell lines, Ponatinib, Receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor, Canine hemangiosarcoma, VEGF
  • Dr. Julie Levy:
    • Shelter medicine, Humane community cat management, Feline infectious diseases, Non-surgical contraception
  • Drs. Chris Martyniuk and Jasenka Zubceivc:
    •  Hypertension, Gut epithelium, Immune system, Gene expression
  • Dr. Ali Morton
    • Eequine sports medicine and rehabilitation
  • Dr. Caryn Plummer:
    • Ophthalmology
  • Dr. Gosia Pozor
    • Equine reproduction
  • Dr. Owen Rae
    • Bovine reproductive health
  • Dr. Leah Reznikov:
    • Airway, Nervous system, Asthma, Animal models
  • Dr. Carlos Souza:
    • Effects of newly developed synthetic retinoids on canine osteosarcoma and feline oral squamous cell carcinoma
  • Dr. Federico Vilaplana Grosso
    • CT appearance of the canine urothelial carcinoma
    • Prevalence of herniated zygomatic salivary glands in multiple brachycephalic dog and cat breeds
    • CT study of the normal canine  femoral and sciatic nerves “. This study can also be prospective


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Last updated 12/12/17