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Faculty Mentors

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Mentored research opportunities available in the following areas

  • Aquatic Animal Health and Wildlife Medicine
  • Comparative Hemostasis
  • Immunology and Infectious Diseases
  • Large Animal Epidemiology
  • Large Animal Medicine
  • Large Animal Reproduction
  • Large Animal Surgery and Sports Medicine
  • Ophthalmology
  • Physiology and Pharmacology
  • Radiology
  • Shelter Medicine
  • Small Animal Behavior
  • Small Animal Cardiology
  • Small Animal Dermatology
  • Small Animal Oncology
  • Small Animal Surgery
  • Toxicology

Specific information about the faculty listed below is available on the faculty directory.

Aquatic Animal Health and Wildlife Medicine

  • Ruth Frances-Floyd: aquatic animal health
  • Darryl Heard: zoological medicine
  • Ramiro Isaza: zoonotic diseases
  • Iske Larkin: marine mammal reproduction
  • Craig Pelton: sea turtle medicine and rehabilitation
  • Nicole Stacy: clinical pathology of aquatic and wildlife species
  • Mike Walsh: aquatic animal health
  • Tom Waltzek: infectious diseases of aquatic organisms
  • Jim Wellehan: pathogen discovery and infectious disease of wildlife
  • Roy Yanong: fish disease and aquaculture

Comparative Hemostasis

  • Roger Clemmons: comparative hemostasis

Immunology and Infectious Diseases

  • Jeffrey Abbott: immunology and vaccine development
  • David Allred: mechanisms of persistence in parasites
  • Tony Barbet: emerging infectious diseases
  • Dan Brown: bacterial pathogens
  • Mary Brown: biology of Mycoplasma spp.
  • William Castleman: virus-induced lung disease
  • John Dame: malaria, emerging pathogens
  • Maureen Long: equine infectious diseases
  • Mansour Mohamadzadeh: inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer & therapeutic/oral vaccine against microbial challenge
  • David Pascual: mucosal immunology and vaccines for autoimmune and infectious diseases
  • Carlos Romero: viruses of livestock, poultry & marine mammals
  • Heather Stockdale Walden: parasitology
  • Janet Yamamoto: immunodeficiency viruses

Large Animal Epidemiology

  • Jorge Hernandez: epidemiology

Large Animal Medicine

  • Max Irsik: large animal medicine
  • Fiona Maunsell: dairy herd health
  • Rob MacKay: inflammation, endotoxemia, anhidrosis
  • Owen Rae: beef cattle health and reproduction
  • Chris Sanchez: equine gastric ulcers, neonatology, and pain management

Large Animal Reproduction

  • Art Donovan: dairy herd health
  • Klibs Galvao: dairy herd health, management, and reproduction
  • Margo MacPherson: equine reproduction
  • Malgorzata Pozor: equine reproduction
  • Carlos Risco: reproductive management in cattle

Large Animal Surgery and Sports Medicine

  • Murray Brown: equine osteoarthritis
  • Pat Colohan: sports medicine, drug elimination
  • David Freeman: equine colic
  • Ali Morton: sports medicine, imaging, and lameness research
  • Dennis Brooks: glaucoma
  • Caryn Plummer: ophthalmology

Physiology and Pharmacology

  • Ignacio Aguirre: bone biology and periodontal disease
  • David Baekey: neural coordination of respiratory and cardiovascular networks
  • Don Bolser: neural mechanisms of cough
  • Paul Davenport: respiratory neurophysiology
  • Linda Hayward: neural control of cardiovascular physiology
  • Rick Johnson: spinal cord neurophysiology
  • Floyd Thompson: spinal cord injury and recovery
  • Sergei Tevosian: reproductive genetics
  • Tom Vickroy: pharmacology of food animal species and pharmacokinetics
  • Jasenka Zubcevic: neural control of the immune system in cardiovascular health and disease


  • Kip Berry: thoracic radiology of congenital heart defects and the vertebral heart scale in right and left sided cardiac diseases
  • Natasha Werpy: equine musculoskeletal imaging with emphasis in MRI and ultrasound

Shelter Medicine

  • Cynda Crawford: canine and feline infectious disease and diagnostic test development
  • Brian A. DiGangi: shelter medicine
  • Julie Levy: feline infectious diseases
  • Natalie Isaza: shelter medicine

Small Animal Behavior

  • Terry Curtis:  behavior medicine

Small Animal Cardiology

  • Amara Estrada:  cardiology, electrophysiology

Small Animal Dermatology

  • Rosanna Marsella:  dermatology

Small Animal Oncology

  • Sarah Boston:  surgical oncology
  • Lindsey Kubecik:  radiation oncology
  • Rowan Milner:  medical oncology

Small Animal Surgery

  • Stanley Kim: biomechanics of joints and implants
  • Dan Lewis: orthopedics
  • Antonio Pozzi: biomechanics of joints and implants


  • Nancy Denslow: biomarkers
  • Chris Martyniuk: Molecular toxicology and endocrinology

    Steve Roberts: drug and chemical toxicity

Specific information about the faculty listed is available on the faculty directory.

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