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Faculty Mentors

Mentored research opportunities are available in the following areas:


Anesthesia/Pain Management

  • Bonnie Gatson: anesthesia, crocodilians, cardiovascular imaging

Equine Reproduction

Food Animal Medicine and Reproduction

Immunology and Infectious Diseases

Large Animal Medicine

Large Animal Surgery and Sports Medicine


Physiology and Pharmacology

  • David Baekey: neural coordination of respiratory and cardiovascular networks
  • Rick Johnson: spinal cord neurophysiology

 Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care

Small Animal Surgery


Zoological and Aquatic Animal Health

  • Nicole Stacy: clinical pathology of aquatic and wildlife species
  • Jim Wellehan: pathogen discovery and infectious disease of wildlife
  • Roy Yanong: fish disease and aquaculture

Specific information about all CVM faculty is available under the faculty directory.


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