Clinician receives Dunkin Award for journal article from British veterinary group

Dr. Wendy Mandese
Dr. Wendy Mandese

Dr. Wendy Mandese,  a clinical assistant professor in the department of small animal clinical sciences, has received the 2022 Dunkin Award from the British Small Animal Veterinary Association in recognition of an article she published in 2021 in the Journal of Small Animal Practice.

Given by BSAVA, the award is presented to the first named author of the best original research article on small animal medicine published in the Journal of Small Animal Practice in the past year. Her article, titled “Stress in client-owned dogs related to clinical exam location: a randomized crossover trial”, investigated whether it was more stressful for a dog to be examined in a common treatment area or in a room with the owner.

Dr. Francesca Griffin, a clinical assistant professor who also works with the PCD service, was a coauthor in the study.
“We evaluated several physical parameters that indicate stress and anxiety in dogs, and discovered that most of those parameters increase when a dog is separated from it’s owner during a simple physical exam,” Mandese said.
 The award, along with other association awards for 2022, were presented during the BSAVA Congress on March 24.
“The JSAP editorial team believes this research showcases an elegant example o


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