Vaccine Study for Horses with Melanoma

The University of Florida Large Animal Hospital is currently recruiting horses with melanoma for a clinical trial. The study will examine the treatment of melanoma with a vaccine

  • Inclusion Criteria: Any horse not affected by other life-limiting disease recently diagnosed with melanoma via biopsy. All tumor components have cumulative diameters of at least 3 cm and horse is expected to survive for at least 4 months
  • Treatment: Participation involves an initial staging visit and 7 follow up visits. The vaccine will be given 4 times approximately 4 weeks apart followed by 3 restaging visits. Booster vaccines will also be available 6 months after completion of the entire vaccine series at an additional charge.
  • Cost: : Owners are expected to pay for the cost of all standard of care therapies/treatment in addition to the investigational vaccine, payment for the 4 series of the vaccine is also required to be paid in full prior to the start of the vaccine series. This includes (1) $558.70 (if paid by credit card) or $533.70 (if paid by check) for vaccine preparation and 4 vaccinations, and; (2) $1457 Large Animal Medicine package for an initial staging examination and 4 follow-up staging examinations.  The staging package price is discounted from the total cost of the diagnostics included if performed separately, offered as an incentive to ensure clients return for recheck visits. Complications due to the vaccine are not expected, but should any arise, the study will pay for those treatments directly associated with the injection site reaction up to a total of $100.
  • Contact: Please call the Large Animal Hospital at 352-392-2229 for more information.
  • PI: Dr. Robert Mackay