Feasibility Study Evaluating the Willingness of Cats to Utilize a Synthetic Litter Box Substrate: An Observational Study

The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine is currently recruiting cats for an observational study.

Enrollment Status: Currently Enrolling

Inclusion Criteria: Cats over six months of age

Procedures: Pick up urine collection kit from the UF Primary Care & Dentistry Service. The urine collection kit will contain:

  • 5 ounces of synthetic non-absorbent substrate (PlastiPearls) in a sealed, sterile cup.
  • (1) sterile 6ml syringe
  • Syringe cup
  • Re-sealable plastic bag

Prepare litter box and monitor every 1-2 hours for urine production. Once sample is produced, properly collect the urine via the syringe, place in resealable bag, and return to UF PCD Service the same day it was collected.

Costs: The study will cover the cost of supplies for sample collection.

Contact: You can contact our Small Animal Hospital at (352) 392-2235 to schedule an appointment. Study Interest Form

PI(s): Dr. Francesca Griffin and Dr. Wendy Mandese

Background: The goal of this study is to evaluate whether felines will voluntarily utilize a litter box containing a non-absorbable, pelleted substrate in lieu of standard absorbable cat litter, for purposes of urination. There are no anticipated risks to the health of your pet. Some felines may object to the change in litter box substrate and choose to not urinate or find an alternative, non-litter box location, to relieve themselves.


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