UF Rising: Global Health Initiative

Dr. Jim Wellehan and Dr. Sarah ReussThe University of Florida is identifying, recruiting, and hiring faculty capable of taking on the biggest challenges. We want to lead efforts to feed the world, to lift a continent out of poverty, and to have data serve us, not overwhelm us. We’re focusing our brain gain in areas where we can make the most impact to move all of UF in the same direction: upward.

The College of Veterinary Medicine is proud to be a part of the effort to achieve preeminence in global health. A new Global Health Initiative is just one example of how we are collaborating with leading experts on campus at the College of Public Health and Health Professions, at the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences and at the Emerging Pathogens Institute toward this end.

Learn more about that initiative and others that are part of UF’s preeminence campaign here at the UF Rising website, which was created to highlight projects and progress that move the university closer to the goal of preeminent standing among the nation’s best public universities. There is a plan, backed by nearly a billion dollars, and some of that funding is directed toward interdisciplinary research initiatives throughout the university.