Clinical Research

Clinical research involves the study of spontaneous disease among client-owned animals, or research in laboratory animals that can be directly applied to patients with spontaneous disease. Patients seen by members of the college’s clinical faculty represent a great resource in terms of learning opportunities for veterinary and comparative medical research.

The UF Veterinary Hospitals and the departments of Large Animal Clinical Sciences and Small Animal Clinical Sciences provide expertise and state-of-the-art facilities for veterinary patient care that are key to the college’s service and teaching missions. Faculty associated with these departments also collaborate with clinicians in the College of Medicine, as well as within the greater national and international scientific community.

The UF College of Veterinary Medicine is Florida’s only veterinary college. In FY 2018, there were38,251 animals treated per year at both our Small Animal  Hospital and Large Animal Hospital, and an additional 6,070 animals treated at our Pet Emergency Treatment Services clinic in Ocala. This large number of cases of spontaneous disease managed by the clinical faculty affiliated with the UF Veterinary Hospitals provide an invaluable resource for clinical research.

Clinical Trials

The UF Veterinary Hospitals are actively involved in several studies of spontaneous disease in animal patients. Our goal is to better understand how the diseases begin, as well as new ways to prevent diseases from occurring and, when possible, to provide more effective treatments. For more information about ongoing clinical trials affecting both large and small animals, please visit the Clinical Trials section of our website. Feel free to contact us at 352-392-2235 for additional information or to be directed to a clinical trial that may suit your pet’s needs.