Phi Zeta

Please save the dates of April 19-20, 2018 for the annual UF College of Veterinary Medicine Research and Phi Zeta Celebration.

On Thursday, April 19 from 4-6pm, we will host a Poster presentation reception in the Banfield Seminar Room. This is an opportunity to showcase your research accomplishments over the last year. All faculty, staff, graduate students, post docs, residents, fellows, interns, and veterinary students are invited and encouraged to display posters.   Poster set up will take place from 3-4pm.

The poster competition will consist of three categories:

  • Graduate Students and Post Docs
  • Residents, Interns and Fellows
  • DVM Students

Prizes will be awarded to the top 1st, 2nd and 3rd place posters in each category.

All submissions must be sent in by March 30. Any submissions after that date will not be accepted.

All submissions must include an abstract. (Abstracts should be no longer than 350 words, 11-point Times New Roman font, with title, author list and block margins.)

Although UF CVM Phi Zeta Abstract guidelines consider a limit of 350 words, Phi Zeta authors are advised to check Prior Publication Policies of targeted journals. For example, in AVMA journals, publication of abstracts containing > 250 words can be rejected on grounds of prior publication In this potential scenario, Phi Zeta authors can prepare and submit an abstract containing ≤ 250 words for publication in the Phi Zeta Research Day abstract booklet.

 Please submit your research information here.


Friday, April 20 will consist of the Top Dog DVM and Best In show Graduate Student Competitions, a keynote presentation by Benjamin Lewis, the COO and Co-Founder of The One Health Company, as well as an awards ceremony at the conclusion of the day.

In order to be eligible to attend the lunch, you must have a ticket from attending one of the morning sessions.


Phi Zeta poster 2018


Congratulations to  our winners of the CVM Research/Phi Zeta celebration Awards presentation in 2017. Many thanks to all the participants and judges!!!


POSTER COMPETITION (Judges:  Dr. Rowan Milner, Dr. Paul Cooke, Dr. Carlos Risco, Dr. John Dame, Dr. Michael Schaer, Dr. Dan Brown)

DVM Students – Award – Name – Research Title

1st place – Alexa Stephen –The effects of natural and synthetic retinoids on feline squamous cell carcinoma cell lines.

2nd Place S. Carly Dworkin – Impact of heat treatment on dirofilaria immitis antigen detection in shelter dogs.

3rd Place – Christopher Alling – Duration of systemic humoral immunity in beef bulls following therapettic vaccination against Tritichomonas foetus.


Graduate Students/Postdocs – Award – Name – Research Title

1st Place – David Dreier – Utilizing in vitro assays to predict vitellogenin induction in male fish.

2nd Place – Nick Musselwhite – Adaptive mechanisms governing tracheobronchial cough: in vivo experiments and model simulations.

3rd Place – Anderson Veronese – Estrous characteristics of heifers with differing genotype for daughter pregnancy rate and heifer conception rate.


Resident/Interns/Fellows – Award – Name – Research Title

1st Place – Alex Fox-Alvarez – Temporary percutaneous t-fastener gastropexy and continuous decompressive gastrostomy in dogs with experimentally induced gastric dilation.

2nd Place – Rachel Davy –The effect of catheter location and flush volume on the time for contrast to reach the heart in a porcine model of a cardiac arrest.

3rd Place – (A Tie for 3rd Place!)  Jennifer Martinez & Kayla Harding – Acute kidney injury in dogs with pit viper envenomation. And  Receptor tyrosine kinase expression in spontaneously occurring canine adrenal tumors.


GRADUATE STUDENT AWARDS (Graduate Studies Committee:  Dr. Iske Larkin, Dr. Rick Johnson, Dr. David Pascual, Dr. Dan Lewis))

Excellence in Masters Studies – Samantha Koda

Excellence in Doctoral Studies – Natalie Steckler

Excellence in Clinical Science Research – Alex Fox-Alvarez

Excellence in Basic Science Research –Hongbin (Vicky ) Wang

Charles F. Simpson Memorial Scholarship –  Selena Tinga


FACULTY AWARDS (Graduate Studies Committee – See above)

Zoetis Award for Research Excellence – Mansour Mohamadzadeh

C.E. Cornelius Young Investigator Award – Brad Case

FVMA Clinical Investigator Award – Jim Wellehan


GRADUATE STUDENT BEST IN SHOW COMPETITION (Judges:  Dr. Rick Johnson, Dr. Iske Larkin, Dr. David Whitley, Dr. David Pascual)

Award – Name – Research Title

1st Place – Ana Bascunan – In-vivo three-dimensional stifle kinematics in goats with anterior cruciate ligament deficiency.

2nd Place  – Ley Cody Smith – Investigating estrogen receptors as targets of pro-fibrogenic signaling in the lung.

Department Winner – Jessica Jacob – Phylogenomic characterization of novel sea otter poxvirus.

Department Winner – Anje Bauck – Effects of lidocaine on inflammation in equine intestine subjected to manipulation and ischemia.


DVM STUDENT TOP DOG COMPETITION (Judges:  Dr. Linda Hayward, Dr. Chris Sanchez, Dr. Roy  Curtiss,)

Award –Name – Research Title

1st Place – Rachel Corlett – Survey of angiostrongylus cantonensis in Northwestern Florida.”

2nd Place – Federico Cunha – Droplet digital PCR quantification of uterine bacteria associated with metritis in lactating dairy cows.

Class Winner – Geoffrey Zahn The effects of tibial plateau leveling osteotomy on patellofemoral kinematics in dogs: an in vivo study.

Class Winner – Rosalind Kopp – Evaluation of new sternal bone marrow aspiration techniques to increase initial stem cell yield and reduce time for culture expansion of a therapeutic dose.

To read more about these research projects, click here: Research Symposium 2017 booklet