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Comparative, Diagnostic and Population Medicine (CDPM) (8)

Faculty UF E-mail address JOINT FACULTY (IF ANY) research project interests
Dr. Sal Frasca, Jr sfrasca@ufl.edu Drs. D Brown, K Shiomitsu, S Bechtel RNA scope, aquatic pathology, cancer genetics, mycoplasma
Dr. Bonnie Gatson bonniejh@ufl.edu –– Anesthesia, Analgesia, Small animals, Patient safety, Anesthesia for cardiac patients
Dr. Alice Lee alice.lee@vetmed.ufl.edu –– Diagnostic parasitology, intestinal helminths, drug resistance
Dr. Maureen T. Long longm@ufl.edu Infectious diseases, horses, humans, mosquito-borne disease, West Nile virus, Zika virus
Dr. Robert Ossiboff rossiboff@ufl.edu Dr. Jim Wellehan Reptile virus research, molecular characterization of zoo/wildlife pathogens
Dr. Sree Rajeev s.rajeev@ufl.edu Pythium insidiosum pathogenesis, Leptospira, detection and sensitivity
Dr. Adam Stern adamstern@ufl.edu –– Cat, time since death, forensic science
Dr. Heather Walden hdstockdale@ufl.edu –– Parasites, Zoonotic helminths, Heartworm, Parasites of exotic hosts

Department of Infectious Diseases & Immunology (ID&I) (7)

Faculty UF E-mail address JOINT FACULTY (IF ANY) research project interests
Dr. Daniel R. Brown drbrown@ufl.edu Dr. Salvatore Frasca, Jr. Molecular diagnostics, wildlife diseases, canine diseases, drug development
Dr. Rhoel Dinglasan rdinglasan@epi.ufl.edu Malaria, Murine Malaria Model, Vaccine Development, Vaccinology
Dr. Julie M. Moore juliemoore@ufl.edu Malaria, mouse model, pathogenesis, pregnancy, coagulopathy, oxidative stress, cell death pathways
Dr. Bikash Sahay sahayb@ufl.edu Dr. Janet Yamamoto CRISPR/Cas9, in vivo gene editing, proviral editing, vaccine development
Dr. Apichai Tuanyok tuanyok@ufl.edu Phage therapy, Burkholderia infection, Melioidosis, Glanders
Dr. Thomas B. Waltzek tbwaltzek@ufl.edu Dr. Kuttichantran Subramaniam Aquatic animal health, Viral genomics, Bioinformatics, Metagenomics, Phylogenomics
Dr. Janet Yamamoto yamamoto@ufl.edu Dr. Bikash Sahay Feline immunodeficiency virus cure

Large Animal Clinical Sciences (LACS) (5)

JOINT FACULTY (IF ANY) Research project interests
Dr. Adam Biedrzycki dradam@ufl.edu Dr. Alison Morton Determining the accuracy of surgical procedures using 3D virtual surgery methods
Dr. João Bittar jbittar@ufl.edu Beef cattle, Infectious diseases of cattle, Vaccine immune response, Trace minerals and stress
Dr. Sally DeNotta s.denotta@ufl.edu Dr. Fernando Garcia Equine, neurology, pharmacology, large animal medicine
Dr. Klibs Galvao galvaok@ufl.edu –– Reproductive performance of dairy cows suffering from metritis and ketosis
Dr. Iske Larkin ivlarkin@ufl.edu Florida manatee male reproduction, semen morphometry, sperm cryopreservation

Small Animal Clinical Sciences (SACS) (16)

Faculty uf e-mail address JOINT FACULTY (IF ANY) Research project Interests
Dr. Ashley Allen-Durrance aeallen@ufl.edu –– venom, snake bite, coral snake, Micrurus fulvius, ELISA, antibody, antivenin, antivenom, canine, dog
Dr. Judith Bertran bertran.judith@ufl.edu –– Surgical oncology, Oncology, Lymph node mapping, Cancer, Interventional radiology
Dr Amara Estrada estradaa@ufl.edu Dr. Christina Pacak Induced pluripotent stem cells, Canine inherited/familial cardiomyopathy, Dilated cardiomyopathy
Dr Amara Estrada estradaa@ufl.edu Drs.C Martyniuk, C Vulpe CRISPR, Gene therapy, Cardiac disease
Dr. Aitor Gallastegui aitorgallastegui@ufl.edu Correlation of CT findings with lumbosacral and sacroiliac pain in 100 sport dogs.
Dr. Aitor Gallastegui aitorgallastegui@ufl.edu Dr. Frank Bova radiology simulation development
Dr. Robson Giglio giglior@ufl.edu Computed tomography; cardiac disease; avian
Dr. Kelly Harrison kelmeyer@ufl.edu Shelter medicine, spay-neuter, anesthesia
Dr. Amandine Lejeune alejeune@ufl.edu Dr. Keijiro Shiomitsu Canine Transitional cell carcinoma, cancer, RNA-base scope, mutation, diagnosis, cancer pathways
Dr. Julie Levy levyjk@ufl.edu Shelter medicine, feline infectious diseases, spay/neuter, humane community cat management
Dr. Wendy Mandese wmandese@ufl.edu Urine culture, Urine contamination, Urinalysis
Dr. Penny Regier pregier@ufl.edu Small animal soft tissue surgery, Upper airway disease, Gastrointestinal surgery, MIS
Dr. Domenico Santoro dsantoro@ufl.edu retrospective, antibiogram, staphylococci, dermatology, dog, cats
Dr. Meg Sleeper margaretmsleeper@ufl.edu Dr. Darcy Adin Cardiac, cachexia, myostatin, biomarker, cancer, renal, heart failure
Dr. Carlos Souza souzachm@ufl.edu Dr. Keijiro Shiomitsu inflammatory compounds, pro-tumor growth environments, MCT cell lines
Dr. Federico Vilaplana Grosso fvilaplanagrosso@ufl.edu Dr. Robson Giglio Tortoise, turtle, Wild life, CT, Trauma, Hit by car

Physiological Sciences (4)

Faculty uf e-mail address jOINT FACULTY (if any) research interest
Dr. Chris Martyniuk cmartyn@ufl.edu Dr. Chris Vulpe iPSCs, cardiomyocytes, canine, CRISPR gene editing
Dr. Aaron Mickle amickle@ufl.edu Neuromodulation, optogenetics, spinal cord injury, bladder function
Dr. Steve Roberts smroberts@ufl.edu –– Kidney disease, Pesticides, Heat stress, Surgery
Dr. Chris Vulpe cvulpe@ufl.edu Drs. Amara Estrada, Chris Martyniuk CRISPR, Gene therapy, Cardiac disease


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