About the Linda F. Hayward Florida Veterinary Scholars Program
Summer 2023

The Linda F. Hayward Florida Veterinary Scholars Program (previously the Florida Veterinary Scholars Program) provides an opportunity for veterinary students to engage in hypothesis-driven research over a 10-12 week period. For UF students, this happens between the 1st and 2nd years.  The mission is to expose veterinary students to career opportunities in biomedical research.  This may include Industry (drug development, testing, marketing), Government (CDC, NIH, USDA) and Academia-based paths.

The 2022 event was a massive success!

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Program Dates: May 22 – July 28, 2023
National Symposium: Aug 3 – 5, 2023 in Puerto Rico

This year’s faculty mentors and their research interests:

Andrew Allisonbat, wildlife virology, picornavirus, phylogeneticsBiological characterization of newly discovered bat picornaviruses
Juan M. Campos Krauerdeer, wildlife virology, serotype, Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease virus, Bluetongue virusIdentifying Pasteurella multocida serotypes involved in co-Infections with Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Virus and Bluetongue virus in farmed white-tailed deer in Florida
Stanley Kimorthopedics, 3D printing, skeletal fixator, canineCustomized 3D printed guides for external fixator pin placement in dogs
Stanley Kimcontamination, teaching methods, aseptic technique, veterinary studentsCharacterization of contamination events during gloving and gowning amongst veterinary students in a teaching hospital setting
Stanley Kimminimally invasive technique, osteotomy, canine, orthopedicsFeasibility of percutaneous osteotomies in dogs
Mary Brownmycoplasmas, waxworm, disease etiologyVirulence Potential of Mycoplasmas from Marine Mammals
Daniel Brownneuropathology, bacterial infectionInvertebrate model of Mycoplasma canis pathogenicity
Heather Walden, Jeff Gruntmeir, Julie Levy, Patricia Dingman and Janet Sosnickinematode, parasitology, feline, PCRFilarioid diversity in shelter cats in Florida
Heather Walden, Rob Ossiboff, and Jim Wellehanpentastome, parasitology, snake, DNA qualityAssessing DNA quality and establishing qPCR for Raillietiella orientalis
Amara Estrada, Chris Martyniuk, and Chris Vulpecardiomyopathy, gene therapy, feline, CRISPRCRISPR gene targeting in feline myogenic precursor cells
Chris Vulpe, Amara Estrada, and Chris Martyniuktitin mutations, Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM), CRISPR, Doberman PinscherCRISPR gene targeting in canine fibroblast cells for titins
Chris Vulpetauopathy, neurodegenerative disorder, brain slice assayBrain Slice model of Tauopathy
Chris Vulpechronic kidney disease (CKD), agricultural chemical use, heat exposure, rodent modelRodent Model of Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology
Chris Martyniuk, Amara Estrada, and Chris VulpeDilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM), canine, CRISPR, Doberman PinscherCRISPR gene targeting in canine fibroblast cells for pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 4
John F. RobertsOvarian Follicular Dysplasia (OFD), bovine, cattle, artificial intelligence, neural network, ovarian tumor, digital histology Characterization of Bovine Ovarian Follicular Dysplasia (OFD) in Florida Cattle utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in quantitative digital pathology
Jong Hyuk (Jon) Kimhemangiosarcoma, osteosarcoma, pathobiology, canine, machine learning, DNAEarly Detection of Cancer in Companion Dogs Using Liquid Biopsy
Julie Mooremalaria, genetics, inflammatory factors, PCRInfluence of malaria infection on gene expression in the mouse
Aaron Micklebladder pain, interstitial cystitis, nociception, optogeneticsInvolvement of Urothelial cells in bladder pain
Aaron Mickleneuroscience, spinal cord injury (SCI), bladder function, ampakinesEffect of chronic ampakines on bladder function following SCI
Nancy Denslowpolyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), minnow, wildlife contamination, ecological conservationPFAS effects on fathead minnow development
Nancy Denslowpolyclonal antibody, immunology, manatee, C-reactive protein (CRP), proteomicsTesting a New Diagnostic Polyclonal Antibody Against C-reactive Protein in Manatees
Maria von Chamiersexually transmitted infection (STI), nicotine exposure, pathogenicityNicotine as a risk factor for genital infection
Kuttichantran Subramaniamsunshinevirus, snakes, wildlife virology, respiratory diseaseCharacterization of a Novel Sunshinevirus from a Collection of Snakes in Florida
Kuttichantran Subramaniampicornavirus, fish, wildlife virology, metagenomicsMolecular Characterization of Picornaviruses Isolated from Wild Fish in Kentucky
Ronald Gonçalvescanine, septic peritonitis, qualitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR)Early diagnosis of canine septic peritonitis by microbial quantitative polymerase chain reaction - qPCR analysis and its effects on patient outcome
Bret Mooreveterinary industry, specialty medicine, specialty referralThe veterinary specialty referral system: how do we improve collaborative care and access to specialty medicine?
Bret Moorefeline diffuse iris melanoma (FDIM), meta-analysis, ophthalmologyFeline diffuse iris melanoma: A 23 institutional multivariate analysis to guide current therapy and future prospective studies
Bret Mooretegu, reptile, wildlife ecology, conservation, vision, ophthalmologyThe Visual Fields of the Argentine black and white tegu (Salvator merianae): understanding vision as a role for controlling an invasive population
Marília TakadaSquamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC), feline, dinaciclib, cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor (CDKi), radiation oncologyEvaluation of dinaciclib as a radiosensitizer for feline oral squamous cell carcinoma
Helena ZomerMesynchymal Stem Cell (MSC), cell differentiation, regenerative medicine, stem cell bankEstablishing an allogeneic mesenchymal stem cell bank for regenerative medicine research at the UF Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Iske Larkin and Jonathan Cowartmanatee, cryopreservation, semen, conservation, threatened speciesPreliminary development of liquid storage protocols for short- and long-term preservation of West Indian manatee semen

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2022 Highlights

Faculty mentors and their students participate in the poster session in our Banfield seminar room.
Faculty mentors and their students participate in the poster session in our Banfield seminar room.

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