2018 Program Highlights

Congratulations to this year’s FVSP class and their mentors on producing some amazing work this summer. We had 23 DVM students participate this year, who worked with fantastic mentors from every department in the college. The University of Florida had a very strong presence at the Annual National Veterinary Scholars Symposium, which was held last weekend at Texas A&M University. We were able to send 14 of our FVSP scholars, including a visiting student from the University of Tuskegee, to attend the conference and give excellent poster presentations on their research. One of our FVSP students from 2017, Katy Taggart, won the Boerhinger-Ingelheim Veterinary Research Scholar Award in recognition for her research with Dr. Estrada. This national award is given to just one veterinary student that participated in veterinary research scholar programs across the country. She delivered an outstanding podium presentation at the meeting. Next year’s symposium will be hosted by Tufts University in Massachusetts.

- Dr. Stan Kim, Program Director, SACS

UF Boehringer-Ingelheim/NIH Veterinary Scholar Symposium Attendees

2018 FVSP Attendees

[Back Row] Dr. Stan Kim (Director), Katy Taggart (2017 Attendee and winner of the Boehringer Ingelheim Veterinary Research Scholar Award!), Sacsha Lucius, Karlye Becker, Francesca Lerner, Jenny Lind, Erin Dlubac, Seth Locker, Corey Fisher [Front Row] Melissa White, Darby Toth, Monica Valente, Olivia Catarino, Meredith Rudnick, Leah Ackerman [Not Shown] William Galbreth

2018 NIH Poster Presentation Photos

2018 FVSP Attendees

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