Students: How to apply

This is a really exciting program which provides a stipend for you to participate in research full time over the coming summer (2019). Participating in this program is a great way to gain exposure to aspects of veterinary medicine other than clinical practice, and also a unique way to get to know faculty members outside of the classroom.

There is a matching process for student/faculty applications for this program. We do this in an effort to provide scholarships to the most worthy students and get student/mentor teams matched as equitably as possible.

Each student application should include the following:

  1. Personal statement (not to exceed one page) discussing the following:
    1. Previous research experience
    2. Career goals
    3. Why you are interested in becoming a summer scholar
    4. How this program (or, specifically, any of the proposed projects) will impact your future endeavors
  2. First semester GPA
  3. Three prospective faculty members with whom you would like to work (ranked 1-3)

Download the application in MS Word and return as a one-page PDF, as per the form’s instructions.  Applications must be received by  Friday, February 1, 2019.


Please email Dr. Stan Kim