Potential Faculty Mentors

Below is list of faculty mentors and their proposed projects, accessible via SharePoint on the UF GatorCloud.


  1. View the faculty’s web page by clicking on their name
  2. View their proposed summer project details by clicking on the project title
  3. Click GatorCloud Help if you are having trouble viewing the PDF’s

Dr. Adam Biedrzycki

Dr. Nancy Denslow

Drs. Amara Estrada and Christy Pacak

Dr. Robson Giglio

Dr. Diego Gomez-Nieto

Drs. Linda Hayward, and Amara Estrada

Dr. Rick Johnson

Dr. Stan Kim

Drs. Wendy Mandese and Francesca Griffin

Dr. Chris Martyniuk

Dr. Taralyn McCarrel

Dr. Cuong Nguyen

Dr. Robert Ossiboff

Dr. Caryn Plummer

Dr. Malgosia Pozor

Dr. Owen Rae

Drs. Keijiro Shiomitsu and Amandine Lejeune

Dr. Carlos Souza

Drs. Federico Vilaplana Grosso and Amandine Lejeune

Dr. Jasenka Zubcevic



Last updated 1/19/18