Conflict Resolution

The University of Florida is committed to treating all members of the campus community fairly and considerately when it comes to conflict resolution.

A UF CVM’s Conflict Resolution Procedure was formulated to guide graduate students and faculty through conflicts to a fair and appropriate resolution in a timely manner. This is to ensure that you are given adequate opportunity to raise concerns (aside from grades), including, but not limited to, academic issues, lack of best mentor/advisor practices, discrimination, employment problems, scholarly misconduct (e.g., plagiarism) abuse of authority, mistreatment (i.e., academic, financial, verbal, and emotional).

The CVM’s Conflict Resolution Procedure is posted below:

If you believe you have been subjected to mistreatment that cannot be corrected directly with your supervisor, you can initiate an online mistreatment report which is posted below:

If you have any questions, you can reach out to CVM’s Office of Research & Graduate Studies at, T 352 294 4241, or stop by our Office (Veterinary Academic Building, V1-127C).


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