2022 Program Highlights

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There were 14 potential projects available last summer!

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Alice Leecanine hookworm, anthelmintic resistance, genetic mutationFrequency of benzimidazole resistance-associated SNPs in Ancylostoma caninum infecting north central Florida dogs
Daniela Luethylarge animal internal medicine, large animal critical care, large animal neonatologyReproductive complications in goats: a multi-center cross-sectional study
Sergei Tevosianneuroendicrine cancer, pheochromocytoma, paraganglioma cancerMechanism of action for polyamine analogue inhibitors in cancer treatment
Adesola Odunayoweight estimation in ERThe Accuracy of Weight Estimation in the Veterinary Emergency Room
Domenico Santoro & Stuart Waltondermatology, pythiosisIn vitro activity on Zn- and/or Cu-associated polyammonium bisulfate molecular clusters in association or not with nanosulfur against clinical canine isolates of Pythium insidiosum
Autumn Harris & Darcy Adin serum osmolarity, congestive heart failure in canines, hypochloremia, relative free water retention/nonosmotic antidiuretic hormone releaseDoes serum osmolarity correlate with heart disease stage and the degree of mathematical correction of serum chloride concentration in dogs with heart disease?
Christopher Martyniukendocrinology, toxicology, small animal, aquaticsCRISPR gene targeting in canine fibroblast cells for pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 4 and
Investigation of supplements in a primary hyperthyroid feline cell line
Elizabeth Maxwellendoscopic treatment of tracheal laceration in catsEndoscopic treatment with fibrin glue of tracheal laceration. A feline cadaveric study.
Rhoel Dinglasancanine ChagasCanine Chagas Disease Prevalence Among Rescues
Julie Mooreplacental biology, malaria, rodent models, gene expressionCross-talk between inflammation, coagulation and oxidative stress in malaria during pregnancy
Adam Sterncat food, histology, product analysisCanned cat food: What is actually in the can
Kuttichantran Subramaniamaquatic animal health, viral genomics, bioinformatics, metagenomics, phylogenomicsPhylogenomic characterization of ranavirus isolated from wild smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu)
Meg Sleeper & Darcy Adin canine cardiac cachexia, gene therapy, biomarkerCandidate transgenes to treat cardiac cachexia
Apichai Tuanyok Melioidosis, foreign diseases, zoonosis, one health, drug resistance, BurkholderiaOneHealth and Drug Resistance in Melioidosis

FVSP Poster Competition

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