2024 UF CVM Competitive Block Grant Awards for New PhD Students

UF CVM will offer up to eight competitive block-grant awards to support new PhD students who start in Fall 2024. Each award will pay tuition, service fees and stipend at an annual base rate of $35,000 per year (plus Fringe and Benefits, 11.8%) for four years.

CVM Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS) will accept Fall 2024 PhD applications (for selection of block grant recipients) until March 15, 2024. The application packets will be distributed to the CVM Graduate Studies Committee for review and ranking by March 29, 2024. CVM ORGS will inform selected award recipients and designed major professors by April 12, 2024.

The ranking of applicants will be based using the following criteria:

[A] Applicant’s academic and professional credentials: Academic degree(s) (BS, DVM or equivalent, MS, Residency) + GPA + Publications as first author or co-author + abstract presentations + Under Represented Minority applicant’s status.

[B] Applicant’s statement of purpose

[C] Three letters of reference, including letter from the designated major advisor indicating source(s) of funding to cover (a) stipend plus F&B (25%) and (b) PhD student research expenses.

[D] Ranking of applicants will confirmed by CVM ORGS in consultation with designated major advisors.

Stipend: In each award offered, the designated major advisor will contribute to the annual stipend (25% or $8,750) plus F&B (25% or $1,085) for four years; other sources of funding identified by the major advisor or the student can be acceptable. CVM will cover 75% of the annual stipend and F&B, as well as 100% of student fees for four years.

Award recipients are appointed as Graduate Assistants (GA) with research and teaching task obligations (FTE = 0.50). As GA, the PhD student will engage in TA support in the DVM program and/or graduate program in two selected courses in one or two semesters (usually in the second year). Course selection is based on student interest in consultation with the major advisor, courses that need TA support, and in coordination with CVM ORGS and CVM Office of Academic and Student Affairs.

For more information, please contact s.rubinstein@ufl.edu

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