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The College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) offers a graduate program that provides extensive training in veterinary medical sciences to qualified students.  Various options exist for students who already possess a professional degree in veterinary medicine or an undergraduate degree with preparatory coursework in the biological sciences, mathematics, chemistry, and physics.

Non-degree seeking students can enroll directly in a distance learning program  leading to a Certificate.  Most certificates require one year for completion.  Up to 15 credit hours taken toward these UF certificate programs can later be applied to a CVM master’s or PhD program.

Degree-seeking students must:  obtain the personal financial resources needed to complete the degree (self-funding to cover tuition, student fees, living expenses, and costs for research projects); identify a CVM faculty mentor who will agree to supervise a new thesis student; and apply for admission to the UF Graduate School. Most master’s degree programs require 2 years and most PhD training programs will require 4 years for completion.  The enrollment process takes several months (even longer for international students) and begins by submitting a letter of interest to the CVM Graduate Studies Office.

(PhD) Doctor of Philosophy (thesis) minimum 90 credits

  • Traditional Research-based, mentored, (usually self-funded—a very limited number of research assistantships, fellowships, and other awards are available for students with exceptional credentials)

(MS) Master of Science (thesis, non-thesis, and online options), minimum 30 credits

Graduate Certificates (non-degree programs)

Minimum Admission Criteria for Degree-Seeking Students

Acceptance into the graduate degree programs is competitive and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance.

Minimum requirements for acceptance to the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Graduate Studies Program include (individual departments might have higher criteria):

Most admissions will be for students pursuing the non-thesis, self-funded options. Admissions for thesis option are limited due to availability of faculty mentors and lack of graduate assistantship/fellowship opportunities.

The major determinants for admission include:

  • Identifying a faculty member who agrees to mentor a new graduate student for a thesis with your interests and credentials, and
  • Identifying a source of continual financial support for tuition, living, and research expenses for the duration of the training.

Identify Funding for Training

The majority of CVM graduate students are self-funded with personal funds and/or external sources of student financial aid and scholarships.  Visit the UF Student Financial Affairs Office for more information about financial aid for graduate studies.

Identify a Faculty Mentor and Supervisors for Degree Programs

The College of Veterinary Medicine includes four departments from which to identify potential thesis mentors and supervisory committee members for non-thesis programs.  You must identify a faculty mentor PRIOR to admission for a thesis option. You must identify a supervisory committee of 3 to 5 graduate faculty by the end of the first semester of study for all degree options, including non-thesis.

Review the websites for each department, including biographical information and research interests of faculty members:

The College also collaborates with other colleges in both the Health Science Center and the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences to provide students with excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary research and training mentors.

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How to Apply

Step 1:  Signal your intent by submitting an online application to the CVM Office of Research and Graduate Studies. Attach to this application a Word document that:

  • details your reasons for pursuing graduate studies in veterinary medical sciences,
  • your areas of interest,
  • an overview of your credentials,
  • the particular graduate program you are interested in ,
  • a list of potential faculty mentors/committee supervisors, and
  • the term you desire to start and finish your training

 Step 2: Apply to the UF Graduate School for admissions.

  • Arrange to have your official test scores and transcripts sent to the UF Office of Admissions
  • Prepare your CV and Statement of Purpose
  • Gather 3 official Letters of Recommendation
  • Pay the application fee

Step 3: Notify the CVM Office of Research and Graduate Studies when you have completed the application for admissions.

Sally O’Connell
FAX: 352-392-5681
PO Box 100125
Gainesville, FL  32610-0125

Ms. O’Connell provides day to day management of the CVM’s graduate program, including admissions, course registration, tuition payments, and processing college-level graduate assistantships and fellowships.

When to Apply

We accept applications year round and review them within a month after the CVM receives the complete application packet from the UF Graduate School.

We encourage you to apply at least 1 to 2 months before the registration deadline for the semester in which you would like to begin the program.  (Please allow longer for international students).

You can check the completion status of your UF application on the UF Admissions website

Application Deadlines

Semester Application Deadline
Spring semester November 1st
Summer C semester March 1st
Fall semester July 1st

INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS: Please submit applications 30-days prior to posted deadlines to insure time to properly process your application.

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