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Our mission is to be a global leader in biomedical research, advancing animal, human and ecosystem health.

Research News

Clinician receives Dunkin Award for journal…

Dr. Wendy Mandese was honored for having the best original research article on small animal medicine published in the Journal of Small Animal…

Dr. Wendy Mandese

3D-printed guides effective in removing keratomas…

New paper in Veterinary Surgery demonstrates the advantages of using 3D guides using advanced imaging techniques.

3D guide keratoma

Faculty member NIH grant to study RNA viruses of…

Dr. Andrew Allison’s R21 will enable him to pursue how RNA viruses capture host genes in order to subvert immune responses and cause disease.

Eider diseased

Leveraging collaborations

COVID-19 research

Advancing discovery

Three common antihistamine medications have been found in preliminary tests to inhibit infection of cells by the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, University of Florida Health researchers say.

Dr. Leah Reznikov, an assistant professor of physiological sciences, is shown in her laboratory with biological scientist Jackson Liao.  Play Video

Faculty Resources

Funding and compliance information of interest to investigators can be found here.

UF Emerging Pathogens Institute and College of Veterinary Medicine researcher Maureen Long helped build a patient surveillance system in Pakistan to track and diagnose mosquito-borne diseases. The project captured outbreaks and laid the groundwork for a countrywide surveillance, detection and reporting system.

Innovative Veterinary Science

advancing solutions

Broad-based strengths, international collaborations

Our veterinary researchers investigate a wide-range of diseases and vaccines that not only impact the lives of our animal companions, but also humans. Several of our programs are distinctive, nationwide and globally. The Center for Environmental and Human toxicology, based in our college, is a leader in aquatic toxicology, with a major strength in nanotoxicology.

The Vulpe-Martyniuk teams' use of CRISPR technology to explore toxicology-related questions is unique.


Livestock and dairying led to dramatic social changes in ancient Mongolia

The movement of herders and livestock into the eastern steppe is of great interest to researchers, but few scholars have linked the introduction of herds and horses to the rise…

Cannabis poisoning cases in pets have increased significantly, study finds

A survey of veterinarians in the U.S. and Canada highlights mounting cases of cannabis poisoning among pets and sheds new light on symptoms, treatments, and outcomes.

Vegan diets for dogs may be linked with better health, and could be less hazardous, than meat-based diets

A survey study of the guardians of more than 2,500 dogs explored links between dog diet and health outcomes, suggesting that nutritionally sound vegan diets may be healthier and less…

Most U.S. dog owners don't follow FDA pet food handling guidelines, study finds

A new analysis suggests that most U.S. dog owners are unaware of — and do not follow — guidelines on safe pet food and dish handling from the Food and…

Animal Airwaves

Helping the animal victims of the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is a tragedy for humans and animals alike. As people escape their homes to save their lives, many are taking their beloved pets with them. For…

Rehoming a pet can be a loving decision

There comes a time in some partnerships when a person has tried everything to no avail. That can happen on occasion with pet parents and their behavior-challenged fur babies. If…

Keep your eyes wide open when searching for a service dog

In recent years, the demand for service dogs has shot up as our canine friends have demonstrated their aptitude for helping people with a growing range of disabilities. It can…

Managing Care of Elderly Pets (Archive from 8/8/2021)

Similar to people, pets are living longer lives these days due to improved veterinary care and dietary habits. But with extended lives comes a whole new set of age-related conditions,…

As part of both the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences and the Academic Health Center, Veterinary Medicine is dedicated to advancing animal, human and environmental health through teaching, research, extension and patient care.


Boehringer Ingelheim

The Boehringer Ingelheim Veterinary Scholars Program offers DVM students an opportunity to gain exposure in biomedical research.


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